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Ozoned Organics


4oz Remineralizing & Whitening Organic Toothpowder


Our all-organic toothpowder re-mineralizes and whitens your teeth while gently cleansing them without fluoride, sulfates or any addivitves or artificial anything!

It is made with food-grade calcium carbonate and di-calcium phosphate, calcium bentonite clay, food-grade diatomaceous earth, baking soda (optional), activated charcoal, organic ground turmeric powder, Himalayan salt, ground Mount Shasta Sage leaf, organic Maca & Lucuma powders & LyteTrace trace minerals

Peppermint, Tea Tree and Wintergreen essential oils are the most popular.  Please feel free to leave a comment specifying which oils you prefer, if any.  Thank you!

Please specify whether you would like the toothpowder plain or with essential oils included (peppermint, tea tree, wintergreen, nutmeg, lavender, lemon, orange, lime, etc.)

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