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Choices Mt. Shasta Family Fundraiser (choose any $10 product!)


Choices in Mt. Shasta, California has a special place in my heart. This wonderful little non-profit helped me and my girls when we were homeless, broke and nearly hopeless at times. Their helpful volunteer staff and store kept my girls and I better clothed, fed and loved on days we otherwise wouldn't have been. Before I learned how to pave our own way in this world without their father, this organization stepped up where others in my life couldn't or wouldn't...until I learned to myself...and I love them for that.

Now that life has put me in a position to return the favor, I'm happy to do so!

This listing is worth ANY ITEM on our site worth $10.

$4. of each purchase will be donated into Choices paypal account.

Or, purchase any amount of gift certificates from the homepage, specifying which products you prefer and how much you wish to donate to Choices from your order.

If an item worth less than $10 is purchased, the remainder will sent to Choices as well.

If you prefer to donate to them directly, their PayPal email is  [email protected]

Thank You!!

Which item do you prefer and how would you like it customized?

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