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2oz Remineralizing Toothpowder with xylitol


This is the recipe all three of my girls prefer best. :)

It's a lot like our usual remineralizing toothpowder recipe, but we added ground xylitol into the mix.

This gives it a sweet taste that makes it more fun for them to use.

They like to either mix it with the remineralizing tooth oil to make a paste, or use it alone.

INGREDIENTS: food-grade calcium carbonate and di-calcium phosphate, calcium bentonite clay, food-grade diatomaceous earth, ground xylitol sourced from birch, baking soda (optional), activated charcoal, organic ground turmeric powder, Himalayan salt, ground Mount Shasta Sage leaf, organic Maca & Lucuma powders & LyteTrace trace minerals

Any allergies or special requests?

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