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2oz Pain, Inflammation & Circulation Magnesium Skin Food (with DMSO, MSM, C60 & CoQ10!)

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This recipe...a long time in the making...is the most powerful skin food we make.

Made with the specific intention to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and pain...while infusing the body with magnesium and other plant spirits...this is one of our favorite blends thus far!

The DMSO really helps bring all of the ingredients further into the body also. Be sure to apply this to a clean surface, as it will also pull harmful things sitting on the surface of your skin further into your body as well! 

Being our fanciest potion, we thought it needed fancy labels too! So, our friends at Dreamality Spacecraft made us wood laser engraved labels for these! They will all be sent with these in 2oz amber glass jars unless the recycled paper and ink is specifically requested.

Any allergies or special requests?

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