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These have been some of our bestselling products the past 7 years!

Magnesium Oil

"This is an amazing product, it got rid of my knee pain in 3 days and made my period cramps go away completely." - Buyer on Etsy

"Honestly all I can say is WOW! Never used a topical magnesium like this before and boy oh boy does it do the trick for those sore necks and lower back pain that accompanies long days at work and just being pregnant period. Also used on my knees and ankles and helped my legs not be so damn restless. Will defiantly be buying again!!! So happy I found this shop" - Buyer on Etsy

"This is a very unique magnesium oil, high quality, very different from all the commercial magnesium oils I have tried, glad to have found it. I like it because it is a "dry" and "fine" oil in that it penetrates and does not leave that sticky, itchy residue on skin surface. It definitely works, as I feel the effects soon after application." - Buyer on Etsy

Ozonated Olive Oil Gel

"I LOVE this stuff! It shipped right on time...I put it on all skin irritations... bites especially and they heal a lot quicker!!! Thank you for making this wonderful magic potion!!!" - Buyer on Etsy

"Ozoned organics has amazing customer service and are very knowledgeable, which made purchasing from them a no brainer! I asked a question and they replied within an hour and taught me so much. I am trying the Ozonated olive oil gel and will leave another review in a month or so to let you know how it’s going. I did use the gel on my daughters mosquito bite, she said it felt much better w in seconds. When she gets bit by a mosquito the bite swells into a knot and itches bad. She was no longer scratching the rest of the night and swelling was gone. The next day she said her bite was bothering her and she needed her ozone medicine. Day 3 no itching or complaints. I love going to their website blog to find the latest information about everything ozone. I received my gel within days and it was packaged well with a sweet letter!" - Buyer on Etsy

"Absolutely phenomenal product. After more than a decade of struggling with a combination of psoriasis and folliculitis, I came across a few studies related to ozone therapy for treating biofilm and chronic infection. My improvement in just a few weeks has exceeded my best periods of time since my saga first began. I can't begin to express my gratitude. The quality of this fully (opposed to partially) ozonated oil is off the charts. The glass jar, packaging, and shipping speed were all bonuses to this incredible product. Thank you to the moon and back." - David Zindell (see testimonials for more) 

Acne & Scarring Gel

"Absolutely fabulous oil for acne scars and active pimples, my skin is agreeing with me for the first time in weeks. Perfect overnight. I leave mine in the fridge to solidify into a balm texture. Please never stop making this product!" - Buyer on Etsy

"So moisturizing and leaves skin with a nice glowing look. Don't need much at all so I know it will last me forever. Noticed a difference in skin texture after first use" - Buyer on Etsy

Ozonated Hemp Seed Oil

"I have used this on my back and neck for pain, blows me away every time how it Knocks down pain...the chronic intense kind...i have bought several jars over time and couldn't be happier!" - Buyer on Etsy 

Super Mineral Tooth Oil

"I used this at least once a day for 3 months for remineralizing my 2 cavities I was going to get pulled out." - A customer

"My gums look so much healthier after adding this to my oil pulling routine!" - Buyer on Etsy

"This oil is truly saving teeth from years of deterioration from antibiotics. Thank you for your deeply healing remedies don't stop making them!!!!!" - Buyer on Etsy

"The taste is not terrible, but it is strong, tastes like chalky medicine but you can feel it working, 💪 I only used it in the mornings and my mouth felt clean the entire day!" - Buyer on Etsy

Colloidal Silver

"This product is AMAZING!!! THE BENEFITS ARE SO DEEP. Colloidal is a must have versatile household staple." - Buyer on Etsy

Eczema & Psoriasis Skin Food

"This made my daughters eczema go away within a couple of days" - A customer (Westwood Farmers market)

"I love love Love this lotion!! It had been a lifesaver for my two sons as we work to heal their eczema. I can use this to help calm their flare ups with peace of mind knowing that I’m not only helping relieve their itchiness, but also nourishing their skin with healthy ingredients as well. I highly recommend this product!! " - Buyer on Etsy

9oz Bath Salts

"I basically have a toothache in my spine from the degeneration from my aids and laying in a bath with these bath salts is the only time I'm not in pain" - Adam Rose

CBD Pain, Inflammation & Circulation Skin Food

"That worked for my arthritis immediately" - A customer (Westwood Famers market)

Face & Ass Wipes

"They are like heaven" - A customer

"This stuff makes my hemorrhoids go away within days!" - A customer

Remineralizing Probiotic Mint Chocolate Ozone Toothpaste

"Fantastic I'm making a big effort to eliminate plastic from my life and this toothpaste helps with that. Plus, I value the extra benefits of a probiotic/ozone paste that remineralizes. Our microbiome begins in our mouths." - Buyer on Etsy

"I loved this toothpaste. And as an indication of how well it works...I ran out and had to use my husband's commercial toothpaste. Well low and behold my teeth started hurting after a couple days of store bought toothpaste! This stuff is clearly superior." - Buyer on Etsy

"This takes a bit to get used to but well worth it. My oral hygiene has completely changed since buying from this shop. My dentist even asked what I have been doing differently." - Buyer on Etsy


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