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Our handcrafted deodorants can be customized and are always made fresh to order

You can order these plain or with a customized blend of essential oils.

As always...they're all organic, vegan & non-gmo

3oz Handcrafted Ozone Deodorant

This has been one of our bestselling recipes since even before we began ozonating oils!

It's a simple blend of ozonated coconut oil whipped with mango butter, candelilla wax, baking soda and arrowroot powder. Essential oils can be added upon request.

It comes in a 3oz paperboard 

push-up container

Pre-Made Deodorant Sale

This listing is for one of our pre-made deodorants we have leftover from other customers' orders.

Sometimes there are random scent blends and sometimes they are bits of many different orders melted together into what we call our Mystery Mix!

They're $2 less than our original deodorant listing.

It comes in a 3oz paperboard 

push-up container

4oz Silver & Rose 

Magnesium Deodorant

This listing is a simple blend of our magnesium oil (made with magnesium chloride), ionic colloidal silver and organic rose hydrosol.

We also have essential oils, witch hazel, trace minerals and himalayan salt that can be added by request to boost the effects and mineral content of this deodorant blend.

It comes in a 4oz  spray bottle.

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