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Ozoned Organics

Remineralizing Probiotic Hydroxyapatite & Shilajit Ozone Toothpaste

This toothpaste is made with ozonated organic coconut oil blended with calcium bentonite clay, di-calcium phosphate, baking soda, xylitol, 50 billion CFU 10-strain probiotic powder, prebiotic powder, theobromine, hydroxyapatite powder, raw shilajit powder, pine bark extract, organic cinnamon powder, 79 trace mineral supplement, 1,000 UI vitamin D3, 1,000 mcg vitamin K2, organic wheatgrass powder, ionic colloidal silver, and organic cinnamon essential oil.

Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is a form of calcium apatite, also known as calcium phosphate, and is a naturally occurring mineral that makes up our bones and teeth. It makes up over 90% of the foundation of your tooth's enamel and 60% of our bones. Hydroxyapatite has become increasingly popular due to its biocompatibility.

We alchemized the remineralizing effects of many different minerals, fat-soluble vitamins, wheatgrass and raw shilajit with the oxidizing and sanitizing power of ozone. colloidal silver, pine and cinnamon to make a truly one-of-a-kind remineralizing toothpaste! The probiotics and prebiotics thrive in an oxygen-rich environment and replenish your mouth's normal, healthy biome!

This product contains NanoHydroxyapatite sourced from cows and is NOT vegan.

Remineralizing Probiotic Hydroxyapatite & Shilajit Melatonin Ozone Toothpaste

The probiotic nanohydroxyapatite & shilajit toothpastes were so popular there were many requests for a nighttime blend. The result was this creamy melatonin Brazilian orange-flavored remineralizing probiotic toothpaste! It features all of the benefits of the first recipe but with 417mg of melatonin extract per 2oz jar!

We can customize this item in any way needed. The minimum purchase size is 10 ounces.

Hydroxyapatite is sourced from cows, so this product is NOT vegan.

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