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Ozoned Organics

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship worldwide. Please message us if to have custom orders built for you with exact shipping prices. Our website sometimes doesn't calculate them correctly.

Can I pay for Priority Mail or Express Shipping?

Yes, we customize every aspect of our customers orders so you get exactly what you want, when you want it, whenever possible.

Message us directly with custom requests.

How long did it take the person in the photos to remineralize their cavities?

The customer that took the before and after photos listed on some of our tooth products began oil pulling 1-3x per day with our partially ozonated olive oil at first because she had a severe gum infection and two deep cavities in her back molars. She said it took about a week for her deep infection to disappear with oil pulling. She then purchased a Super Mineral Tooth Oil from us and began oil pulling with that thereafter.

She also said she quit eating processed sugar completely and was taking cod liver oil supplements. (I've been told similar effects can be found in algae supplements).

The first photo was taken mid-October.

She sent us the remineralized photos of her two back teeth in February.

Why is there borax listed as an ingredient in the Skin Foods?

Borax helps bind the water-based and oil-based ingredients in our formulations.

We make at least 6 skin foods at a time minimum, and there is 1/8 of a teaspoon of borax dissolved into the water base of these formulations before being blended together into a skin cream.

This means there is the equivalent of 1/48 of a teaspoon of borax dissolved into the water base of each 2oz jar to help it bind together.

This very small amount is a very sensitive skin-friendly way of creating organic creams.

Why can't I return my items if I don't want them?

Because all of our products are customized and made fresh to order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. We have no way of knowing whether or not these items have been contaminated and we cannot resell them. For the safety of our customers, once your item has been purchased and delivered, it cannot be returned.

How do I use the Tooth Oil?

Everyone uses our products differently, depending upon what helps them most. We made the tooth oils with the intention of making a remineralizing oil we could oil pull with.

For those of you that don't know, this means taking a bit of oil, swishing in your mouth for at least ten minutes, then spitting it out.

Most of our customers use our oils for oil pulling. Some of them prefer to brush with it alone or mix it with a toothpowder to make a paste to brush with...find which works best for you!

Can I use your products internally?

The FDA makes sure we cannot legally recommend any of our products for ingestion.

Doctors like Hulda Clark have advocated for cleanses using ozonated products over time, but we are not doctors and cannot give you recommendations for using our products in these ways without risking getting into trouble.

We're just dedicated to providing you the most organic ozone products possible.

Please follow your own intuition and discretion when using them.

Our magnesium oil, even though it is made with pharmaceutical-grade magnesium best absorbed topically through the skin.

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Which items can I customize?

We offer custom requests for any ingredients omitted or added according to allergies and sensitivities on all items except for the toothpaste. The toothpaste must be purchased in a minimum order of 10oz at a time in order to be customized.