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Ozoned Organics

Heads & Tails Potions

9oz Face & Ass Wipes

These are made with organic cotton rounds dipped in a blend of ozonated olive oil gel, aloe vera gel, organic witch hazel, and Bragg's Apple 

Cider Vinegar. 

We have an oil blend we call our "Bum Blend" that's made with lavender, peppermint, clove, tea tree, cypress, myrtle & dill weed essential oils.

You can customize these with any essential oil blend you choose. If none are chosen, they will be made plain.

We also have labels that say "Heads and Tails Wipes" if you'd prefer that.

They come in an amber glass 9oz jar.

9oz Face & Ass Wipes

4oz Face Toner

This face toner is made with 50% organic aloe vera, 25% organic rose hydrosol and 25% organic witch hazel. Organic essential oils may be added upon request.

It will come without unless otherwise requested.

It comes in a 4oz atomizer bottle.

4oz Face Toner

8oz Face Toner

This face toner is made with 50% organic aloe vera, 25% organic rose hydrosol and 25% organic witch hazel. Organic essential oils may be added upon request.

It will come without unless otherwise requested.

It comes in a 8oz pump bottle.

8oz Face Toner

4oz Rose Hydrosol

This is our pure, organic Rose Hydrosol in a 4oz atomizer glass spray bottle.

Rose Hydrosol is a great astringent and people love to use it on their face, skin and all over as an uplifting, heart-opening body spray.

4oz Rose Hydrosol

Herbal & Clay Mask Set

One of our few NOT ozonated products, this one was made by special request.

It includes an astringent, moisturizing liquid gel that is mixed into the herbal clay powder until a mud in the palm of your hand. 

Apply that directly onto your face or skin wherever you wish to use it. Let it dry for at least 20 minutes and then rinse it off.

It comes in a set with a 2oz amber glass herbal clay mixture and a 3oz amber glass gel.

Herbal & Clay Mask Set

2oz Clay & Botanical Extract Face Mask

We have quite a few different high quality clays, botanical extracts, herbs and essential oils to mix and match your own customized Face & Body Mask Mix with!

Our base clays and extracts include:

French Red Clay

French Yellow Clay

Multani Mitti Clay

Rhassoul Clay

Dead Sea Mineral Mud

Organic Seaweed Powder

Watermelon Powder Fruit Extract

White Willow Bark Botanical Extract

Thyme Botanical Extract

Rosehip Botanical Extract

Licorice Root Botanical Extract

Green Tea Botanical Extract

Cucumber Peel Botanical Extract

Aspen Bark Botanical Extract

We also have crushed organic apricot kernel seeds and ground coffee that may be added upon request for an exfoliating effect.

This comes in an amber glass 2oz jar.

2oz Clay Mask Customized Blend

2oz Ozone Shave Oil

This simple blend of ozonated organic coconut oil, organic hemp seed and sesame oils & essential oils is full of essential fatty acids that are not only great for your skin, but provide a smooth, clean shave without any chemicals or artificial ingredients or fragrances!

Most people prefer the peppermint, lavender & frankincense.

It may be customized with any of our organic essential oils though!

It comes in a 2oz glass dropper bottle.

2oz Ozone Shave Oil

4oz Aloe & Coconut
Ozone Shaving Cream

This creamy blend is made with organic ozonated coconut oil, aloe vera gel, organic mango butter, organic ozonated olive oil, organic coconut soap, and an organic essential oil blend of peppermint, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, geranium or menthol.

This may be customized plain or with any essential oil blend you choose.

It comes in an amber glass 4oz jar.

4oz Aloe & Coconut Ozone Shaving Cream

4oz Body Spray

Our body sprays are 3 parts witch hazel to 1 part distilled water. We then add bits of organic vegetable glycerin and essential oils. 

Please choose from our list of essential oils:

peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, tea tree oil, benzoin, menthol, camphor, eucalyptus, sage, clary sage, thyme, oregano, holy basil, rosemary, lemongrass, litsae cubeba, cypress, mytle, marjoram, clove, anise, egyptian geranium, rosewood, moroccan blue chamomile, patchouli, carrot seed, howood, CO2 coffee, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, cedarwood, sweet orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, bergamot, ylang ylang, freesia, jasmine, rose, lilac, violet, gardenia, tulip, lily, blue lotus, pink lotus & white lotus, lavender, neroli, vetiver, pine needle, juniper berry, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, hyssop, vanilla, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood & palo santo

It comes in a 4oz glass atomizer bottle.

4oz Body Spray

4oz Baby, Boobie & 

Belly Butter

This great all-over butter is made with organic sesame seed, macadamia nut and sweet almond oils blended with our organic ozonated olive & coconut oils, organic mango butter, candelilla wax and organic essential oils (optional).

Our customers use it to prevent stretch marks, breast infections and as a natural diaper rash and antimicrobial ointment.

It comes without essential oils but lavender and geranium are baby safe.

4oz Baby, Boobie & Belly Butter

4oz Baby Powder

Our baby powder is talc-free and completely organic and non-gmo!


arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, slippery elm powder, aloe vera powder, chamomile powder, calendula powder, chaparral leaf powder, seaweed powder and lavender essential oil

Kaolin clay can be substituted for the arrowroot powder upon request.

We can customize these body powders any way you prefer. This is our most popular recipe for soothing little baby bums! 

We also have Jasmine, Cornflowers, Pink Rose Buds & Petals, Ultra Blue Lavender, Marigold Petals and Chamomile flowers that may be added upon request to customize your own body powder. 

It comes in a 4oz paperboard 

shaker container

4oz Baby Powder

4oz Baby Powder Refill

We do refills of our organic baby powder at a discounted price!

These will be shipped in a reusable, biodegradable, compostable bag.

4oz Baby Powder Refill

4oz Head & Body Parasite Ozone Gel

This alternative to other chemical parasite treatments is our pure organic olive oil gel that was ozonated for 3 weeks that has also been infused with anti-parasitic essential oils of lavender, lavandin, eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree, rosemary and geranium.

Apply to the affected areas and use a lice comb to remove nits. Leave on for 30 minutes then wash well. Apply again within 3 days.

It comes in a 4oz amber glass jar.

4oz Head & Body Parasite Ozone Gel

Activated Charcoal & Clay Ozonated Salve Set

This is our set of two 2oz amber glass jars. The first contains our ozonated olive oil that has been infused with organic essential oils of lavender, tea tree, oregano, rosemary, cypress and calendula. 

The other jar contains activated charcoal and multani mitti clay. Apply both in equal amounts to the affected area. 

A little goes a really long way! You will begin to see the charcoal and clay react with the ozone, cleansing the area. For best results, cover awhile then wash and re-apply.

2oz Charcoal & Clay Ozone Salve Set

Customized Gift Basket

This is a customized gift basket with up to 5 different products of your choice worth about $50.

It comes with a basket and a crystal.

These are great personalized gifts!

Customized Gift Basket