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Bliss & Balance

So, life is funny. You know, I never thought I’d be that hippie people laugh about eating placentas, worshiping the Earth...making my daily devotional a barefoot walk out in the forest instead of some church somewhere. It reminds me of all of the beauty, all the joy...and all of the miracles that are. That WE are.

Not only that...but now I encapsulate and tincture placentas for other mamas too, haha! I even make lotions with them too! As funny or disgusting as it seems to most people, the science is there. There are reasons most all living beings (even vegetarian ones) eat consume their own placenta medicine. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this knowledge and medicine to have been passed to me so that I can pass it on to others!

And all the plants!! How my relationship with them continues to forever change me. Although I’ve never battled an addiction beyond tobacco and food in this lifetime, all of this plants keep reminding me...balance. BALANCE.

I went from addiction to complete disdain for tobacco years ago. I still have a serious aversion to commercial tobacco because of how toxic all the chemicals and additives are! But, just recently, the tobacco Spirit has re-entered my life in such a powerful, positive way, that I feel inclined to share.

Working in my life with the tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, poppy and other plant medicines in unhealthy ways has been teaching me of healthy relationships with each of them...and how to truly tap into the medicine they are.

It’s never the plants that are the problem, it’s the abuse.

That’s why prohibition is madness. Making pieces of nature illegal will never solve anything, only create further problems. It’s the consciousness within the people that needs healed.

What is it within you that causes an unhealthy or disrespectful relationship with plant medicines? How can you come to a place of proper gratitude for the sacred gifts they are?

Tobacco is very grounding, a powerful cleanser and detoxifying medicine among many other medicinal uses when used properly. Humanity’s commercialization and abuse of this sacred plant medicine has led to the creation of cancers and many other health problems. When used properly, it can help heal your body, mind and can many other plant medicines.

They are our greatest teachers of our own bodies and minds, if we only listen.

When I think of the me a decade ago abusing alcohol, tobacco and cannabis among other things, just looking to “get high” on plants and people...if I only knew then that the energy I was chasing was something I could just BECOME...I wouldn’t have spent so many years living out cycles that didn’t serve me! I used to be constantly trying to fill a void that nothing outside of myself ever could. I’m so grateful to have created such a more powerful and truly gratifying relationship with all of the plant medicines and myself.

There are not enough drugs or sex in the world to compare to the bliss that comes from tapping into your own divinity. You are then able to carry around the pool of Nirvana within your heart that the poppy medicine merely lets us dip our toes into. That’s the kind of work that changes you forever, for the better. Isn’t that what life should be about? Always trying to make it more pleasant for yourself, everyone and everything around you? Not letting other things master you, but master yourself? What else are we creating here worthwhile?

That high, that bliss, that love that people chase abusing plant medicines is always there for us to tap into. As is all the wisdom of all of creation. We don’t need to abuse these sacred medicines to get there, they are just here to help show us the way.

So, thinking on this...I feel called tonight to make a little lotion potion combining the Cannabis, Alcohol, Mapacho & Hape’ Tobacco & Palo Santo plant Spirits with other organic plant oils and butters held in a suspension as medicine to heal, protect and nourish our bodies and minds.

My inspiration behind this potion is my own evolving journey with plant medicines. My intention behind creating it is to inspire other to re-evaluate their own relationships with all of the plant medicines (and chemicals!) abuse.

May we all come to know that we already have and are all we will ever need in the world.

Desire for anything outside of that will inevitably lead to suffering. Plants can show you the path to BLISS and’s up to you to walk it.

May all the skin my medicine touches be blessed with the wisdom that you are the miracle you’ve been looking for in everything and everyone else around you. But, that’s the thing about gifts like can carry that box of gifts around forever and it will feel like a heavy box of darkness until you open it to find the Light.

*please note that the FDA does not allow me to make this medicine for others. I encourage you to make your own.

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