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Remineralizing Cavities with Oil Pulling!

We recently had a customer that we gifted one of our partially ozonated olive oils to remineralize her teeth in such an amazing way, her social media post went viral and we've been selling our oils like crazy! People seem to be catching onto the benefits of oil pulling, especially with ozonated oils!

I, personally, have been oil pulling with our regular ozonated coconut oil blend with the trace minerals, vitamin D3 and K2 and a little peppermint. But, I haven't had any serious decay to be battling. Some of our friends and customers have needed something a bit stronger and have been using the olive oils or the coconut mixed with organic black cumin seed oil.

Today, we made a new blend that is our most nutrient and ozone dense formula currently available! We used our ozonated organic coconut oil blended with our fully ozonated olive oil gel, organic black cumin seed oil, a 79 trace mineral supplement, 10,000 IU vitamin E, 10,000 mcg vitamin K2, ionic selenium and magnesium drops, a gram of whole leaf wheatgrass powder and a gram of theobromine extract powder.

Theobromine is the stimulant found in cacao that has also been shown to help remineralize teeth.

This is currently our strongest Remineralizing Tooth Oil blend available. A little goes a long way as you need less than a teaspoon for oil pulling at a time. The following before and after photos from our customer is from oil pulling with the weaker olive oil once to 4 times a week since October.

Our olive oil gel sells out really quickly, so these tooth oils will be available in limited supply every month!

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