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Remineralizing Toothpowder & Ozonated Tooth Oil

Our Remineralizing Toothpowder and Ozonated Tooth Oils are now available at Berryvale Grocery in Mount Shasta, California!



Toothpowder - *all food-grade & organic* bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, activated charcoal, maca, lucuma, himalayan salt, ConcenTrace trace minerals, finely ground wild Mount Shasta Sage, essential oils


Tooth Oil - *all organic & non-gmo* ozonated coconut oil, ConcenTrace trace minerals, peppermint essential oil


this product has MANY uses aside from teeth. It is edible and can be customized to order



1 tbsp food-grade bentonite clay

1 tbsp food-grade baking soda

1 tbsp food-grade calcium carbonate

1/2 tbsp finely ground Mount Shasta Sage leaf

1/4 tbsp Himalayan or sea salt

1/4 tsp organic Maca powder

1/4 tsp organic Lucuma powder

1/4 tsp organic orange extract

1/4 tbsp food-grade activated charcoal

25+ drops food-grade trace minerals

10-20 drops of organic essential oils (peppermint, tea tree, etc.)


In a glass or wooden bowl with a glass, wooden or plastic spoon (bentonite clay loses some of its beneficial properties when it comes into contact with metal!), mix together your clay, baking soda, calcium carbonate, sage leaf, salt, maca, lucuma, orange extract, activated charcoal. Mix together well. Add in 12 drops of high quality, food-grade trace minerals and your choice of organic essential oils. Bottle in glass, wood or plastic.

Tooth Oil-

6 tbsp ozonated organic coconut oil whipped into (with silicon, wood or plastic, NOT METAL) 30+ drops of ConcenTrace Trace Mineral drops and 15+ drops of organic peppermint essential oil

Store in a glass container away from plastic or metal.  The ozone will react with it.  Mix the Oil and Toothpowder into a paste before use.  The active ingredients in the powder will begin to pull the ozone out of the oil.  Brush and rinse well.  

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