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Chakra bath bombs (with a crystal!)
If you'd like to choose your crystal our options include Lumerian Quartz, dyed howlite, Tigers eye, Ruby Fuchsite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Yellow Agate & Red Agate.
  Base - Ozonated Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, Citric Acid, Witch Hazel
  Root Chakra - Pomegranate Powder, Beet Root Powder, Rose & Rosewood EO
  Sacral Chakra - Turmeric Powder, Orange & Ylang Ylang EO
  Solar Plexus Chakra- Carrot Powder, Lemon, Cedarwood EO
  Heart Chakra - Seaweed
Powder, Lavender, Bergamot & Peppermint EO
  Throat Chakra - Blue Spirulina Powder, Blue Chamomile & Frankincense EO
  Third Eye Chakra - Purple Sweet Potato Powder, Pine, Juniper Berry, Neroli EO
  Crown Chakra - Elderberry & Pomegranate Powder, Jasmine & Oakmoss EO
  These all come in a compostable bag.

Root Chakra affirmation:  I am. I am connected to my body. I am connected to the Earth. I am safe, secure & grounded.
Sacral Chakra affirmation: I feel. I am creative and expansive. I allow myself to feel pleasure.
    Solar Plexus Chakra affirmation: I do. I am confident and strong. I have the power to manifest my desires. I have the power to grow and evolve.
    Heart Chakra affirmation: I love. I live a life full of love for myself and others. I make decisions based on love. I courageously love unconditionally.
Throat Chakra affirmation: I speak. I fearlessly and honestly express my truth. I communicate clearly and confidently. I express myself creatively in various ways.
Third Eye Chakra affirmation: I see. I trust my inner knowing, my wisdom. I see life situations clearly. I learn from experiences and gain perspective.
Crown Chakra affirmation: I understand. I am in tune with the divine consciousness. I am one with the universe. I am a spiritual being in a physical body.
any special requests? specific crystal you want?

Chakra Bath Bomb Bag (with a crystal!)

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