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Customer Testimonials

I used your Skin Food on a spot on my back. The Dr. called it a stressed lesion but it never completely healed. It just kept repeating a cycle. Four years later I put the lotion on it and it is healing! More than any other time and I don't think it's coming back. In 4 uses it is more healed than it has ever been! Thanks!

Lori Lee - Grants Pass, Oregon

I got some of a special ceremonial blend skin food recently. It smells incredible (yes, like a ceremony); and putting it on my body is a ritual. It's thick and luxurious without being greasy. My skin soaks it up quickly - truly "skin food".

Dori - Mount Shasta, California

This is the best deodorant I have ever used! And I LOVE that it comes in a cardboard tube. Now I can smell nice without hurting myself or the Earth! Thank you :)

Ashley - Mount Shasta, California

Used my ozoned skin food yesterday on my belly,boobies,thighs,butt! Waking up this morning I can already see a difference! This stuff smells wonderful and feels amazing on my skin. I've always had a hard time putting anything on my skin because it always ends up greasy but this didn't happen with the skin food! My skin soaked all of its delicious glory up and it feels so good!

Hosannah - Roseburg, Oregon

Way too young to have shingles..uggghhh...thank you ozoned organics...best thing yet for the full body herps..chicken pox is chicken shit...bringing the big arm to the ring with ozoned organics ceremonial skin cream

Jesse - Colorado

I always oil cleanse, but tonight was my first time with ozonated olive oil. My face is sucking up the goodness. I ate some too. It tastes like- May Thunderstorm Wind Through Lilacs. ♡

Krisit Melton - Mount Shasta, California

I've used your skin food for an infection on my ear that has almost completely healed when nothing else, not even a doctors antibiotics, could help. I've also used your skin food on my C-section scar and it healed up magnificently. Also have used your medicated bath salts while pregnant. Definitely relaxed the body and mind and took away the pain. I love your work and look forward to trying all of your products :)

Chelsey - Lake Shastina, California

I am enjoying the Skin Food! I had smoked cigarettes for many years. I just realized, when I started using this product, my desire for those nasty things just STOPPED! I am very excited to have found these products. I am planning to be able to use these after my surgery for a speedy recovery. Thank you!

-Viki Nieland

Okay so first off I'd like to start off by saying this is the first time I've gone back and written a review on something just because of how freaking amazing it is! I myself am from Hollister, ca and first tried the anti-aging skin food when I was visiting a friend in Redding, Ca. I was sooo impressed with the outcome and loved how my skin literally drank it, at first it felt a little oily but soon absorbed into my skin and you could tell the difference pretty much the next day. After going through the first bottle I bought I was so sad to run out luckily I was making a trip up to Redding so I was able to get another bottle. Unfortunately, when I got there, there was no more left.. So I had to resort back to drug store brand face lotion and I've tried so many kinds but none of them really impressed me. So I went onto your website and it was sold out again!! So then I sadly waited some more... Now a few days ago I went and checked again and POOF you're in stock again. So of course I ordered and just put it on for the first time in a few months and oh my goodness!! Boy did I miss it!! I just wanted to write in and tell you my experience and let you all know to keep up the good work!! This stuff is amaazzzzziinnggggg!!! -Your most loyal customer

Tori Rowe - Hollister, California